I really hate to complain but....
i just forgot writing down the "question make" and i lost 5 points.
moreover, i forgot writing dowm "a" and i lost 5 points again.
some students complain about that, but you just stick on your policy.
you said you mention that we should write down the sentences as the handout.
you said we can't even miss a word or we will lost 5 points
i know you are angry but we are mad too.
i think you are a little bit too stubborn,tough, serious.
why you always care about something useless?
you can spend a lot of time talking about the format.
i think the most important part is the content, and the article.
i really don't know what's in your mind.

i complain a lot but i know it is useless.
Just foget about it.

thanks for reminding me of this holiday.
tomorrow is thanksgiving day which we give thanks for all the things that happened this past year.
i know recently i have complained a lot and forgot to cherish everything and everyone around me.
i am thankful for my family who always encouge me,and let me do whatever i like.
i am thankful for my dog which stay with me when i am happy.
i am thankful for my classmates who always lend me the note.
i am thankful for my friends who always give me good opinions when i face the difficulties.
I really treasure everything and everyone around me.
i hape everyone will be fine in the coming year.

Happy thanksgiving day to all of you.
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  • 這個公道會幫大家討回來<br />
    我們下課就跟主任反映了<br />
    謝致明也眼尖跟過來躲在系辦的影印間東摸西摸打手機<br />
    總之主任會處理<br />
    因為主任也認為不應該有標準答案<br />
    下禮拜就知道結果了<br />
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  • 哇<br />
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